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Caroline Sullivan

Prenatal Development and Birth Teratogens  Agents that cause abnormal development in the fetus Teratogens can have physical effects (malformation) or psychological effects (intelligence, temperament, activity)  Drugs Prescription Nonprescription  Tobacco  Alcohol  Radiation  Pollution  Maternal Diseases  Poor Nutrition Factors that Affect Harm from Teratogens  Dose  Other negative influences  Age at time of exposure Consequences of Teratogens Street Drugs Babies of drug-addicted mothers are born addicted and are likely to have developmental problems Therapeutics Drugs such as thalidomide may induce abnormalities Caffeine Some risk is associated with caffeine Nicotine Can affect growth, increase risk of premature delivery Alcohol Can lead to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Environmental Mercury, lead, and PCBs are harmful Hazards chemicals to the fetus Maternal Infectious Can damage the CNS, cause brain Diseases abnormalities and blindness, and produce facial abnormalities Natural Teratogens  Nutrition Poor prenatal nutrition results in unfavourable development, low brain weight, and higher rates of spontaneous abortion  Stress Prenatal anxiety and stress experienced by expectant moms has been correlated with later behavioural problems and cognitive deficiencies in infants/chil
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