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Caroline Sullivan

Cognitive Development: Piagetian Stages The Preoperational Stage (2-6 years)  Appearance of representational thought  Language Piaget believed it developed from sensorimotor experiences  Make-believe play  Dual representation Development of Make-Believe Play With age, make-believe gradually becomes:  More detached from real-life conditions  Less self-centered  More complex Sociodramatic play Benefits of Make-believe play  Practice representational schemes  Emotional integration  Social, language skills  Attention, memory, logical reasoning  Imagination, creativity Dual Representation  Viewing a symbolic object as both an object and a symbol  Mastered around age 3  Adult teaching can help  Provide lots of maps, photos, drawings, make-believe playthings, etc.  Point out similarities to real world Limits of Preoperational Thought  Cannot perform mental operations  Egocentrism and animistic thinking  Scale errors  Cannot conserve  Lack hierarchical classification Egocentrism Failure to distinguish others’ views from one’s own Animistic Thinking Belief that inanimate objects have lifelike qualities Sc Young children occasionally try to fit their bodies into or onto objects that are far too small for them Conservation Irreversibility Cannot mentally reverse a set of steps Follow-Up Research on Preoperational Thought • Can adjust language to others and take others’perspectives in Egocentric simple situations Thought • Animistic thinking comes from incomplete knowledge of objects • Can
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