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University of Ottawa
Alastair Younger

Thursday, September 12, 2013 Lecture 2 Hereditary GENOTYPE (genetic endowment inherited from ancestors) eye color ↓ PHENOTYPE (physical characteristic that are observable & measurable) - Sandra Scarr said development is the process whereby a genotype comes to be expressed as a phenotype - identical twins have the same genotype - no 2 ppl have the same genotype Early notions of heredity - traits inherited from fathers - 17 century- Anton van leeuwenhoek (invented the microscope) └> concluded that sperm was alive & was involved in reproduction └> sperm contains a tiny, preformed homunculus (Preformationism) - 1759- Caspar Wolff └> sperm and ovum unite to create a single cell - Gregor Mendel- father of modern genetics └> pee plants └> inherited characteristics produced by genes (transmitted unchanged from generation to generation) └> each characteristics determined by pair of genes (1 inherited from each parent) └> members of gene pair may differ in their effects (1 may dominate the other) └> when gametes produced (gene pair for each attribute divides) ---gametes (cells involved in reproduction) Current notions chromosomes: normal human cells contain 2 sets of 23 chromosomes (23-pairs) - 1 member of each pair from mother, 1 from father Gametes: cells that are involved in reproduction - contain only 23 individual chromosomes (1/2 of each of the 23 pairs) Meiosis
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