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lecture 27

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University of Ottawa
Andre Lecours

Lecture 27signs of aging in women are not valued in societyageismdiscrimination against any person based on chronological agethe Canadian CLSA has provided a wealth of basic info about healthy aging health care userisk factors for diseases and disabilities Its goal includespreventive interventioncostefficient treatmentsthe Big Boomimpact that baby boomers of Canada will have on countrys health system as they move into their senior years in less than a decadefamily physicians of Ontario feel less prepared to identify older patients with psychological problems than younger patientsphysicians are much less likely to refer older patient for treatmentpsychotherapy is less effective for older patientsthree groups of ppl older than 65 yrs of age1youngold group65742oldold group75843oldestold group85ppl tend to become less alike as they grow olderthree kinds of effects are important to define in any age related discussion1age effectconsequences of being a given chronological age2cohort effectconsequence of being born in a given yearhaving grown up during particular time period with its own unique pressures a cohort effect exists if these ppl have some factors that distinguishes them from those who turned 65 or older at an earlier age3timeofmanagementconfounds that arise coz events at an exact point in time can have specific effect on variable being studied over time ex assessing posttraumatic stress disorder in Holocaust survivors crosssectional studiescompares different age groups at same moment in time on variable of interest allow us to make statements only about age effectlongitudinal studiesperiodically retest a selected cohort using the same measure over number of years allow us to make statements only about cohort effectconclusions drawn from longitudinal studies are restricted to cohort chosenanother problem with longitudinal studies is that participants often drop out as studies proceed creating a bias known as selective mortalitythe leastable people are most likely to drop out leaving a nonrepresentative groupthus overly optimistic statsthe DSMIV criteria for older adults are basically same as those for younger adultsaccurate assessment of elderly people for purposes of establishing diagnosesconducting research requires assessment measures tailored to elderly peoplethe Modified MiniMental State Exam MMSE is a brief measure of an ind cognitive state assessing orientation memory attention ability to name follow verbalwritten commandswrite sentence spontaneouslycopy a complex polygona Clock Test is a simple measure to detect Alzheimer and dementiait is reliablevalid though results vary depending on scoring system usedthe Geriatric Depression Scale GDS is truefalse selfreport designed to assess depressionsuicide possibilities in elderlythe elderly people with mental disorder suffer double jeopardy since they suffer the stigmas associated with being old and being mentally ill
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