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Sonia Wesche

Affect and Cognition Theories of emotion James-Lange -- emotional experiences come from our perceptions of physiological reactions to events Cannon-Bard -- stimuli simultaneously elicit both physiological reactions and subjective experiences Schachter-Singer two-factor theory -- when we experience physiological reactions we search for the causes which will determine the label we attach to that arousal; what external cues suggest we should be feeling Many studies show that cognitive and situational factors play a role in emotion -- supporting Shachter's approach Of the older theories, more evidence for Cannon-Bard approach until recently Sophisticated equipment indicates that different emotions have different physiological patterns --- consistent with James-Lange Changing facial expressions sometimes produce changes in emotion Facial feedback hypothesis -- Facial expressions may provide information that feeds back to brain to influence our experiences of emotion Several studies (Laird, 1984; McCanne & Anderson, 1987) show that enhancing or suppressing tension in certain muscles associated with smiles or frowns affects participants' emotional reactions to stimuli Influence of affect on cognition There is considerable evidence of a mood-congruent judgment effect There is often a good match between our moods and our thoughts and our judgments of other people When interviewers are in a good mood, they tend to assign higher ratings to job applicants (Baron, 1993) Affect can have other effects on cognition Evidence that being in a happy mood can sometim
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