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Psychology of Death and Dying Lecture Notes from January 31st and February 4th

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Mary Theresa Howard

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January 31 , 2014 Video: trip of a lifetime- death • Help terminally ill people die • Should be allowed to die as we lived • Everyone dreams of the good death • Potersfield: jail inmate bury the cities unknown and forgotten • 155 bodies per tomb stone • Fred Decker dying of cancer, might die alone, in a strange room in a strange bed • Fear of bad death is universal but the definition varies by individual • Where, when, how or why or the main issues • We hope for the control over all of these factors • We are attempting to control the aging process and disease with genetically modified genetics • Significant life extensions around the corner • Solution is already available drug according to one guy who takes 85 pills a day, exercises and watches his diet • Some people search for short cuts to living longer • Mineral springs in Florida believed to rejuvenate you • We turn to experts and others for help • Ganda guy believes he had the power against evil since birth. He finds the right answers if people are sick • Some use sorceries to cure and others use science • Identifying the cause is crucial to finding a cure • Deanimated then frozen. Then they can eventually be defrosted and reanimated when science becomes more advanced • Death is defined by society rather than science is common in some countries. Women whose bodily functions stopped was mummified then suspended from the ceiling of her home. Still considered alive until they could afford a funeral • Social death can come after the physical death • When you accept you are dying the when becomes less important • Most people care mostly about where and with whom they will die • Good death: pain free, being with loved ones, support, trying to make them laugh • Always think about times you messed up when you’re dying • Dahlia Lama says knowing the process is more important than the process itself • Decisions to take own life is always personal but can be done in groups • Suicide of honor: dying because you are in so much pain you need your life to end February 4, 2014 Video: Someone had to be Benny • Fever, nausea, pain in ankle, hurt right side • Benny is now 13 years old and when he was 7 he got a liver transplant • Benny’s second liver started failing after 6 years
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