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Jocelyn Wentland

what has happened in the past 100 years to change dating - Contraception - Technology - Automobiles ( who you wanna date, privacy, allowed people to leave the house courtship left the house and had more control over courtship, leave together on their own) - 1950’s the first date script is in place: scripting theory. Explains sequence of behaviour (Gagnon and Simpson, 1973). o Interpret appropriate behaviour (dating and sexual situations) o Cultural scenarios : collectively developed guides that outline sequence of events and expected behaviours for a given social interaction o Ex. The theatre: roles, ad-libbing, deviating from script, o Let you know what to expect and what to do o Don’t always work: technology is changing the script o The first date script: rose and frieze (1989): men expect to initiate plan and pay for the date and are the sexual aggressors where women are supposed to wait to be asked and be concerned about appearance, do whatever the man plans, keep the conversation going and resist sexual advances.  Problem: numbers are small, predominately white  If atleast 25% mention it then it became a script (75% might not include it)  Today: ask out on the technology; maybe more collaborative planning, they may pay together  Female askers: man views her as sexually active/casual dater and have higher sexual expectations. Even when she just hints at him to ask her out • Women saying yes: feel bad when saying no • Men won’t say yes unless they like them How is technology changing the dating script - Women send more texts per day and facebook - If women ask them out it is through technology - Men are more likely to call - Who? o   Comfort with technology (Cassidy & Eachus, 2002) o Less traditional values/higher on sociosexual orientation o Younger people = “digital natives” (Tapscott, 2009) - Methods o Ask about first dating script behaviours (men and women; women only; men only) and technology items (add person on facebook before meeting) - Results o Men: ask her out; pick her up; bring date flowers, pay for the bill; pack condoms, masturbate, make sexual move o Women: wait to be picked up, eat lightly , buy new clothes, wear sexy underwear, wait for other to pay; o Both: leveling the playing field for the sexes to participate in first date script. - Why o Script is evolving; not being left behind; o Traditional first date script still intact where men as initators, women as reactors o Asking out a person in person or on the phone trumps technology o Blurred lines: technology is an egalitarian initiation Googling people before first date: 35% say it is acceptable Ask out via email/text: 39 Ask out over the phone: 80 Ask out in person: 95 January 23, 2014 Critical review a small body of literature (why is the research the way it is ) - Loacate primary research articles (google scholar) - Look at the participants (has to have) - Look at the abstract - Choose 5 articles and how they are connected to a common theme - Make an outline (use it) of what to write about - Use running notes (point form - Have a title page - Don’t be too ambitious - Covering o What is going on in the literature o What theories are used o How did they look at this - Conclusion o Topic sentence o Content o Summary sentence - 8 pages ( nine with title page) - Et al= colleagues when not in () - Reference page not works cited - Email one week after presentation ([email protected]) - Only .doc Printed above. Janauary 30, 2014 Casual Sex - Sexual activity that occurs outside of the context of a committed relationship - Sexual intercourse with a person that occurs only once (kilman, 1993) - Sexual intercourse between individuals who each other on the same day - Sexual activity between people not in a long term relationship - 35% (just intercourse) but activity is 80% - Some researchers were mainly looking at vacation sex particularly spring break - 66% easier to meet someone and have sex with them on spring break vs at home ( what people think not what happens). - 55% of men and 15% plan to have sex on spring break : pacts for men are to help and paccts for women are to stop their friend . 15% of guys and 13 % of girls actually do. - Seinfeld: “the deal” first media feference for friends with benefits. – never say the word friends of benefits. Negociating of friendship and sex. - Sex and the city “the fuck buddy”- carrie realizes the relationship sucks but good sex - No strings attached and friends with benefits 2011 Hook-up culture - The end of dating as we know it - People don’t know how to date anymore. - 34% undergrads percent report 0 sex partners in the last year - 45% report 1 - General social survey o No differences o 1988-1996 vs 2004-2012 o Only difference is more recent sex partner is a casual sex o Less likely to report having a spouse or regular sex partner Lover - 25 years some one who you had sex outside of a relationship Hooking up: study 1 : what are the some of the names used to describe hooking up - One night stand - Booty call - Friends with benefits - Fuck buddy - Rich descriptions –focus groups - Genderless code of conduct – there is a script that is expected like inviting them to a dinner- a transgression - Distinct relationships for each term - Hooking-up was never described as it’s own relationship: a behaviour not a relationship that you do with someone Study 2: take definitions and interested in how people define them do they endorse them - 18-29 year olds - N=635 ottaw u undergrads - 87% have had sex with 5.38 number of casual sex partners average - 434-548 who had sex have had casual sex - One night stand: 70/60 - Booty call: 56/59 Stranger , social setting, not planned under influence=one night Know each other late night call . occasional = booty call Fuck buddy= know each other hang out and have sex with out influence Friends with benefits = existing friends , sometimes sex sometimes hang out Regular sex actity - Women are better at finding correct definition - Why : the meaning of the relationship is more important for the women, they attend to the subtle differences. - Sexual intercourse better at finding if booty call, fuck buddy, friends with benefits especially if women compared to those who have had no sex - If you had casual sex or not you can still find the correct definition. Scripts: study three - I see FWB as someone you expect outside the bedroom - 62 descriptions - One night stand : strangers, social, alcohol, one time . may exchange info but don’t use it. Not contact. One person might have regret , sex may not be good, male has orgasm, always sexual intercourse, male less concerned with female orgasm - Booty call: occasional sexual activity, contact late at night , text with direct reference or phone, describe person as your booty call, loose interest and stop contact, may have sex with other people, male usually has orgasm, they are a back up, don’t spend the night - Fuck buddy: know each other, hang-out=have sex, not under the influence, regaular sex, b/c horney, may stop b/c someone gets too attached, male/female both had the responsibility to cut it off if other got attached, may have sex with others, sex during a week, always some kind of se
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