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Lecture 8

PSY3103 Lecture 8: Learning and Conditioning

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Catherine Plowright

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Pavlovian conditioning is (Student answers: mostly correct, but incompletejust add detail) An event will predict something Involves Unconditioned and Conditioned stimuli. The CS can provoke same behaviour as US Refers to the procedure in which. Learned associations Learned relationships between SS or SR. Conditioning allows us to prepare Examples: Little Albert, Pavlovs dog, blinking rabbits. 1.The conditions of learning 2.The contents of learning 3. The effects on behaviourLOVIAN CONDITIONING:ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT (MORE TO IT THAN THE DOGS WE LEARNED ABOUT IN FIRST YEAR!!) THE CONDITIONS OF LEARNING: Wat needs to happen for learning to occur? Candidate answers: The NS and the US need to bepaired? No! Simple contiguity (CS followed by US) is not sufficient. Evidence: Blocking It is not even necessary! Evidence: Conditioned inhibition (there is no US) At least in excitatory conditioning, the CS and the US must be close in time? No!
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