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Lecture 7

PSY3103 Lecture 7: Learning and Conditioning

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Catherine Plowright

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1.What it is and how to obtain it. 2.Characteristics of behaviour during extinction (p. 31012) 3.Is the association lost? No. (a) Spontaneous recovery (p. 318) (b) Renewal 4.What is learned? SR inhibitory associationsGETTING RID OF BEHAVIOURS:EXTINCTION (IN CHAP. 8) 5.What is extinction and how to obtain it. A conditioned response is weakened or eliminated when the conditioned stimulus (CS) is repeatedly presented in the absence of the US (p. 134 p. 136) Easy, in principle (Fears very hard to extinguishwhy?) Classical (i.e. Pavlovian) conditioning: CS no US Operant conditiong (not covered yet) Behaviour no consequence E.g. Extinction of bedtime crying (p. 306 p.321) Extinction Other ways to obtain decrease in responding? .Is that all there is to it? Not quite. There are sideeffects. Characteristics of behaviour during extinction
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