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Catherine Plowright

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Overview of TopicsVision 1Light OpticsThe EyeChaudhuri Chapter 8Physical properties of lightInteraction of light with objectsAnatomy of the eye12LightPhysical Properties of LightA form of electromagnetic EM radiation along with gamma rays UV light radio etcEM radiation varies byWavelengthIntensityPolarity34WavelengthWavelengthLongperceived as red AbbreviatedlambdaMeasured in units of distance such as Mediumperceived as green 9 nm 1x10 angstroms or nanometersVisible light to humans ranges from400 nm to 700 nmShortperceived as blue Variations in wavelength give rise to colour experience but relationship is complex56Wavelength vs FrequencyWavelengthWavelength1FrequencyFrequency1WavelengthExampleFrequency of 10 cyclesmeter 01 meterscycle of wavelengthExample Wavelength of 001 secondscycle 1000 cyclessecond ie 1000 Hz With sound we talk mostly in terms of frequencyWith light we talk mostly in terms of wavelength78
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