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Catherine Plowright

Chemosensory SystemsChapter 4 in Chaudhuri TextChemosensory Two basic components that interactGustatory system tasteSystemsOlfactory system smellFor each of these we will examine Biological mechanisms Stimulus Sense organ receptorsbrain structuresPerceptual characteristics Thresholdsmagnitudes stimulus quality identication 12Stimulus of TasteThere are thought to be 5 basic taste qualities Salty sour sweet bitterumami These arise as a result of chemicals tastants interacting with taste cells on the tongueThe relationship between molecular structure of chemicals and their taste quality is complex and poorly understoodThe concentration of a tastant is measured in ppm or ppb Gustationor millimoleslitre This relates to the subjective intensity or strength of a tasteChemosensory Systems Part I34SaltinessSournessArises from receptors Arises from receptors responding to acids H ionsresponding to sodium eg NaClsodium Pleasant combined with chloridetable saltsweet indicating fruitSodium is necessary for Unpleasant in combination many body functionswith bitterness indicating decompositionMagnitude estimation shows response Magnitude estimation shows compression b1response compression b156SweetnessBitternessArises from receptors Arises from receptors responding to a variety of responding to carbohydrates chemicals esp alkaloidsin solution especially saccharidesGenerally unpleasant indicating toxins Generally pleasant indicating like caffeine alcoholhighcalorie foodsMagnitude estimation Magnitude estimation shows shows response response compression b1expansion b178
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