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University of Ottawa
Catherine Plowright

Basic Concepts in PerceptionChapter 1 in ChaudhuriBasic Concepts in PerceptionWhy study perceptionThe Process of PerceptionMethods in perception researchMethods for Measuring Simple PerceptionsMeasuring perceptions quantitatively12Structure of CourseChemosensoryChemosensorySomatoSomatoAuditionVisionAuditionVisionWhy Study PerceptionsensorysensorySmellTastePressure heatChemical Chemical StimulusSound wavesLightcold vibrationodorantstastantsFuture careers Graduate school work in The skin Olfactory Outer middleSense OrganTongueEye retina other perception cognition etc clinical areas toomucosainner earepithelialsMechanoOlfactory Sensory Applies to many other areas design graphic Taste BudsHair cellsRodsConesThermoNoci sensory Transducerreceptorsneuronsarts intelligent systems programmingMedial Lemniscal 3 tastecarrying Auditory NerveOptic NerveNeural Olfactory bulb vs DorsolateraInerves NoST CN SON IC LGN SC V1 ProcessingO1Understanding the immense intricacy of the VPN S1 S11 etcVPM POCMGN A1 etcetc etcsensory systemsHigherHaptic object Pheromonal Auditory scene Object Flavourorder recognition effectsanalysis pitchrecognitionperceptionillusionsBecause it is very very cool yes Im biasedTouch Sour sweet Pitch Spatial vision Modalitiestemperature bitter salty amplitude motion colour motionsavourysource locationdepth34SchizophreniaSmooth PerceptionIQPursuit Eye MovementsSee eg Holahan ALV ODriscoll GA Schizophrenia Baltes PBLindenberger U 1997 Psychology and Aging 12 1221Research 2005 76 4354 httptinyurlcomyv4nhy56The Importance of Nave RealismPerceptionThe philosophical POV Man is nothing more than a bundle of that sensation is simple and direct I see it sensations Protagoras 450 BCbecause it is thereVirtually everything you know you know Illusions among other ultimately because of a sensory inputthings prove that this is incorrectScientic knowledge is entirely dependent Research has shown that on the perceptions of scientistsour sensory systems use complex heuristics to give Perception seems simple and direct but it is us a percept of the world in fact endishly complex and very indirectthat is limited78The moon illusion is one example of illusions that we experience around us on Sensation vs Perceptionan everyday basisThe moon looks bigger on the horizon even though it is in fact the same size and at the same distanceThis is not an atmospheric lensing effectFor more on this and many other illusionshttpwwwmichaelbachdeot910Methods in Perception QuestionsResearchWhat are some reasons for studying perceptionGive an example of how perception applies to other eldsDene nave realism Why is it untenable1112
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