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University of Ottawa
Catherine Plowright

Overview of TopicsChapter 5 in ChaudhuriHearing IPhilosophical Aside If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear itSoundThe EarQualities of sound energy and sound perceptionAnatomy of the earAuditory brain areas12Sound vs SoundSound WavesObjects make sound by moving back and forth rapidly If a tree falls in the forest and no ones there 20 to 20000 timessecond through a medium airdoes it make a soundExample A speaker produces sound like thisDepends on two denitions of soundThe diaphragm of the speaker moves out pushing air molecules together compressionPhysical denitionsound is pressure changes in the air or other medium answer YesThe diaphragm moves in pulling the air molecules apart rarefactionPerceptual denitionsound is the experience The cycle of this process creates alternating high we have when we hear answer Noand lowpressure regions that travel through the air34Linear vs Transverse WavesSound WavesSound waves are longitudinal waves meaning that variations in intensity air density are parallel to the waves direction of travelTransverse Wave water or lightThis is unlike light or water waves which are transverse waves meaning that variations are perpendicular to the direction of the waves travelNote that it is the sound pressure that moves through the air and not the air itself that moves Think of the wave at a sports stadiumLongitudinal Wave sound56Movement Makes QuestionsSound WavesSlowDene sound hint give two denitionslow freqHow is a sound wave like the wave at a stadiumWhat moves through the air in a sound Fastwavehigh freq78
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