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Catherine Plowright

Overview of TopicsAvoid vertebrates because they are too complicated avoid colour vision because it is much too complicated and avoid the Vision IVcombination because it is impossibleColour VisionAdvice given to his students by Nobelprize winner H Keffer HartlineChapter 11 in Chaudhuri12Evolution of Overview of TopicsVisionEyes evolved 500 Myr ago in the Cambrian ExplosionEvolution of colour visionFigure shows a sequence of Physics of Colourincreasingly complex eyesBiological Foundations of Colour VisionAll exist in creatures today and are thought to be the Perceptual Aspects of Colour Visionprecursors of advanced chambered eyes like ours34Evolution of Multiple Functions of Colour VisionCone TypesEarly sh 360 Myr ago already had 4 Aids in segmenting the scene into objectscone typesThis makes it easier to nd foodprey and Our nocturnal ratlike mammal ancestors avoid predators via camouage breakinghad just 2 as do many modern mammalsHelps to classify objects often along subtle Some primates including humans have 3dimensions ripeunripe healthyunhealthyMany birds and sh have 4 or more probably Aids in feeding and mate selectionaiding them mainly in mate selection56Colour Vision Helps Crouching TigerSegmentation78Plants Take Advantage of Hidden DragonColour Vision910ClassicationClassicationColour is important in mate selection especially amongst birds and sh where it is an indicator of male healthFrugivorous monkeys HotNotuse colour vision to pick out ripe fruit from green foliageFolivorous monkeys usecolour vision to pick out new red leaves from old green onesAmong Zebra Finches the ladies like a nice bright orange cheek patch1112
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