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University of Ottawa
Catherine Plowright

Overview of TopicsVision IIRetinal ProcessingEarly VisionAnatomy of the retinaChapter 9 in Chaudhuri TextPhotoreceptors Rods vs ConesElectrical circuits in the retina Ganglion cells and their supporting castPerceptual phenomena arising from retinal processing12Anatomy of Review Anatomy of Eyethe RetinaPeripheralRetinaMaculaPeripheralOptic DiscRetinaFoveaPeripheralRetina34Layers of the RetinaRodsConesfront of eye is down56Four Types of Distribution of RodsPhotoreceptorsCones Across RetinaRods 1 type and Cones 3 typesFovea consists solely of cones no rods Cones here are at maximum densityRods are larger and more numerousCone density drops rapidly as we move out 120 million rods vs about 6 million conestowards peripheral retinaRods specialized for night vision Rods maximally dense in macula with density Cones specialized for day visionagain dropping towards peripheral retinaCones types are shortmediumand longNo rods or cones at optic discor Scone Mcone and Lcone 78Distribution of rodscones across the The Blind Spotmidline of the retinaOptic discplace where optic nerve leaves the eye There are no receptors hereQ So why isnt there a hole in our visionA There isButOne eye covers the blind spot of the otherIt is located in the periphery where acuity is low anywayThe brain lls in the spot910Specialization Across the RetinaFovea is specialized for detailed visionTry reading the rst word of this sentence while looking at the last word of itThis is why we look directly at objects of interestPeriphery specialized for lowlight visionAverted vision Look slightly away from things at night to see them better 1112
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