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Catherine Plowright

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Overview of TopicsVision IIIBeyond the retina 2 pathways to V1From Early Processing to Subcortical structures LGNSCObject PerceptionPrimary visual cortex Lines direction colourM vs P pathways Movement vs ParticularsChapter 10 in ChaudhuriObjectFace recognition12Fundamental ConceptHow We See ThingsBrain Organization Schemesshort versionRGCs Dot detectorsV1 Line orientation motion colourV4 ShapesTemporal lobe ObjectsFaces43Dorsal vs Ventral From Eye To BrainStreamsDorsal stream mainly involved in motion processing the where pathwayVentral mainly involved in processing identity of objects the what pathwayWill focus on ventral here which takes most of its input from P pathway more later56Contralaterality in VisionContralaterality in VisionNasal halves of retinas close to noseOne might think info from left eye goes to right brainvice versa but no InsteadCapture light from temporal half of visual eldInformation from left half of visual eld goes Send signals across to contralateral side of brainrst to right half of brainvice versa Temporal halves of retinas close to templesThat is everything to the left of what youre Capture light from nasal half of visual eldxating goes to the right hemisphere rst and vice versaSend signals along to ipsilateral side of brain78
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