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Evelyne Girard

September 7 2012PSY3121 Class 1PowerPoints of virtual campusFor next week1What is my favourite fairy tale Why google fairy tales and psychology2Who is my favourite female celebrity Whysubmit a 510 line text for each question Chapter 1Debate and It dependsWhos more boringmen or women Depends on definition of boring depends on the personality of the man and the womanW and Ms basic natures are they fixedinvariantPersonality is fixed stable AND constantly changingnot one or the other one and the otherGender stereotypes are boring not men or women biosocial view women are the opposite sexMinimalist and Maximalist Viewsminimalist few differences between women and menmaximalist large fundamental differences between women and men differences are part of their essential biological naturesexual world a continuum not polaritiesGendera social difference not a sexual oneterm used to describe traits and behaviours that are regarded by the culture as appropriate to women and menalternative proposed by Unger in 2009 a social and psychological label not a description of biology sexbiological differencesEssentialism gender differences are biologically determined eg Born a woman you will die a womanStructuralism the structure of the mindFunctionalism attempts to understand how the mind functions a practical and applied orientation including an interest in mental abilities and in gender differences of those abilitiesBehaviourism emphasizes importance of observable behaviour as the subject matter of psychology discounts the utility of unobservable mental eventsAndrocentric bias men are the standardDevelopment of womens studiesliberalradicalcultural Weissteins 1970 papercontaminated by biases wishes and fantasies about womenoedipus complex became electra complex criticism at Freud and psychologyAPA Division 35women once denied joining APAwomen started there own group created huge interest a year later they were welcome to joinClass 2Biological essentialism focus on innate differences and downplays social factors in explaining gender differences Maintains prejudice and stereotypes Ben Barres neurologist who had a sex change had more opportunities as a man He contends that gender does matter How science developedScience replaced religion as a way of seeingexplaining the worldbased on identifying laws empirical observationobjectivityscience warsscience wars masculine bias is inherently part of science objectivity does not exist Approaches to researchQuantitativeturning data into numbers includes experimental design ex post facto studies descriptive research methods surveys correlations Need data numbersexperimental design IV and DV manipulate the IV by holding all others constant Done in the lab setting not natural environment we can infer causalityex post facto is quasi experimental study variables that cannot be manipulated for ethical or practical reasons can use participant characteristics to place them into groups eg Income one weakness is that we cannot infer causality surveys gather information by asking people questionsmust be careful how you build it no direct observationcorrelational studies look at the relationship between two variables cannot infer causality can determine strength and direction of the relationship Do this at the beginning to see if we should explore it further Includes operational definition of the variable in terms of the operations used to obtain data on that variable It is very specific Qualitative includes case studies interviews ethnography and focus groups case studies involve intensive study of one person or one situation usually less expensive
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