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Thereisno1 definitionofhumansexuality • Verybroad definition Slide5: Sixdimensionsmodel of sexuality: • Biological ○ Biological sex : male/female  Genitals, xy / xx  genetics  Reproduction:Conception- contraception  Sexualfunctioningand disorders  Sexualresponse:all physical responsesof body to sexual stimulation,how body respondsto sexual stimulation  Hormones:estrogen,testosterone,progesterone ○ Brain chemistry ○ STI's(changedfrom disease,becausediseaseshave symptoms and usually make you feel sick. But most infectionsand asymptomaticdespiteinfection. Infection if more accurate) • Psychologicaldimension ○ Orientation:debatabledue to biological ○ Thoughts+desires = fantasy ○ SexualIdentity  Broad general identity,or alt. ones feeling of gender ○ Fetishes/preferences ○ Trauma ○ Eroticism: all the thoughts,feelings,stuffin the brain maintaining or trigerring sexual arousal and interest.Uniqueto each person, like fingerprints.Can be modelled from media and soceity(telling you whatyou should be turnedon by) affectingto certain degree...  Verypsychological,pedo'seroticise some aspectof children ○ Bodyimage - self esteem(way you see yourself when you close your eyes) • Socio-culturaldimensions ○ Genderrole  rulesaround masculinity and femininity ○ Norms/taboos ○ Fashion-> trends ○ Media-> stereotypes  Expectationsareaboutstereotypes,going beyondgender roles. Stereotypesgroundedinto our ideas of whatit is to be a woman or a man ○ Peer pressure • Moral, spiritual, and religious ○ Rulesof conductand consequences  Who how why when of sexual behaviour □ Meaning:of certain behaviours or facetsof sexuality,anchored into spirituality □ Values:canbe adoptedthrough religion, determined by ones morality  Whatis importantto me? What do I value? What are my priorities in life? What is the right thingto do (personal morality)  Ethicaldecisionsand choices • Emotional dimension ○ Disappoint ○ Comfort ○ Love ○ Passion ○ Rejection ○ Confusion ○ Guilt ○ Disgust ○ Anger ○ Regret ○ Disobediant/obediant(leadtoguilt, regret) ○ Loyalty • Cognitivedimension ○ Acquiredinformationabout sex (eg taking this course works on it)  Learning! ○ Perception/evaluation(canbe cognitiveprocess) • Sociocultural sticksout as an influence on our sexuality • There'smore to it than just the biological (genticals,eroticism, arousal response) • There'smore to it than just the biological (genticals,eroticism, arousal response) Theoreticalperspectives • Will guide ourwayof thinking ofsexuality; think of whos writingsomethingand fromwhat persepectibe, whichcomes fromtheir understandingandconceptualisation • Eachtheoretical perspectiveinterested in understandingdifferentthings. • Mostwill answer"why?"eithera lot or to a limited degree • Tells us the glasses we areusing wheninterpreting human sexuality • Multi-disciplinaryapproachis important • Note: feminist andqueer theories not in book.Newertheory. • Evolutionaryperspective ○ Sociobiology:  Inanimals andhumans  Biobasis for behaviour;adaptation,natural selection, mate selection  Key:the language; e.g reproductivesuccess  Reproductivesuccess (egenetictransmission)=principal motivator ofall sexual behaviourin humans and other animals □ Egmate selection: donald and his veryyoungwife: perfect sociobiomate selection- she gets resourcesecurityto assureoffspringsurvival(longtermselection),hegets best female physically(goodgenes,birthing hips,health and nutritionand feeding, etc. ) □ Whydomen have moreaffairs?Fertilize many; prematureejac adaptive (get in before the other guy);womenare horniestwhenthey are ovulatingfits into this theory,humans wayof adaptive behaviour)(moreabusebystepfathers thanbiologival; not as much investment when non-biologicaloffspring) □ Hasn'treallybeen able to explain the adaptiveness ofhomosexual behaviour;sometheories that help bringup offspringofsiblings viaresources? • Psychoanalyticaltheories □ Freud  Id,ego,superego  Oral,anal,phallic, latent, genital?? Psychostages ofdevelopement (double check it)  Oedipus concept:sexual desirefor parent ofthe other sex,to resolveboyhas to overcomecastrationanxiety, girl penis envy,identify withparent of same gender  Accordingtofreud:Resolve normally,get normalheterosexual with correctgender roles.Ifsomethingnot resolved properly,ge
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