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Lecture 1 and 2 (September 9 and 16) - History

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Peggy Kleinplatz

th th September 9 and 16 2013 – Lecture 1 and 2 History Human sexuality: is involved in what we do, but it is also what we are, it is an identification, an activity, a drive, a biological and emotional process, an outlook and an expression of the self, it is an important factor in every personal relationship and every human endeavor from business to politics – American Medical Association Mangaia – sexual expression - An island in the south pacific - Children learn about sexuality early - At 8: taught how to masturbate to orgasm - At 13: taught how to kiss, lick and suck on a women’s breasts, how to thrust for 35-40 minutes without cumming, and how to perform oral sex - During teen years taught to be night crawlers, spend time in homes of sexually attractive in order to have sex 3 times or more a night, this is done until death - Goal: have sex with as many people as possible till your find your love partner Inis Beag – sexual repression - Island with a fake name off the coast of Ireland, studied by Messenger - No knowledge of sex before marriage, oral sex, or masturbation - All intercourse in missionary with underwear on - Orgasm, porn and nudity is sinful - No sex education (menopause and menstruation learned when they occur in the life course) - ** believed sex will reduce bodily energy and reduce one’s health The Dani – doesn’t matter - Studied by Carl Hyder - No energy towards sexual expression or repression - Indifferent to sex - No sex before marriage - No sex for 2 years after marriage, then sex till child, then none after birth for 4-6 years - No sex after marriage if death - No porn or masturbation - No hatred of war, but no excitement about anything Major theoretical perspective: sex script theory – by Ciagnon and Sirnon - Think of it as a subscript - People know that there are good and bad - Sanction for following or not following the script - Age of consent - Incest 5 components to the script in all cultures - Who - What - When - Where - Why - 40 year old women in Ottawa - according to the script o Having sex with her husband, who is the same religion, background, socio-economic background, and slightly older – WHO o Having sexual intercourse, unprotected, oral sex (according to script, give more than get), masturbate – WHAT o Frequency has deteriorated, quickly, one or twice a week, at night, first thing in the morning, or in the shower, or will shower right after – WHEN o In bed, under the covers – WHERE o – WHY - The script keeps you in line - Everyone knows the script, it is out there, whether people follow it is a different story - Theory says that each culture has a sex script and how they are alike or different History of Sexuality - Egyptians: o Positive attitude, regarded it as a ritual? Goddess above god  Preferred position was the women on top  Males were sexually privileged in that they could divorce their wives and have sex outside marriage, whereas the women could not  Only procreative sex is permitted, but upper class disregarded that and had sex for pleasure  There were rules against incest, but the wealthy never followed those rules, double standards by sex and class were present - Judaism o Sex was viewed as positive, within marriage, seen as a sense of devotion towards god  Sex is the husbands responsibility, the wife’s privilege  Husbands were required to sexually satisfy there wives’ a minimum times a week, and to satisfy their wives before finishing  Was a good deed to have sex with your wife, but a double good deed if she was infertile, post-menopause or already pregnant, lets her know she deserves to be pleasure even though she couldn’t get pregnant - Early green o Dominated by religious beliefs o Gods and goddesses were a lusty group o Sex positive attitude of the period of early Greece remained embedded in the culture as Greek civilization moved to more secular codes  Belief in naturalism: idea that you could understand things in the worlds in terms of nature, rather than gods and goddesses  Shown on vases: men were strong and fit, women were round  Same sex activity occurred among the military (Sparta) , older men mentored younger men, brothers and arms – but this was not approved of - Ancient romans o Early sexual codes are highly restrictive o In 10 BC, art of loving, was a best seller but strongly criticized o Pendulum starts to swing in the latter years’  Increase in prostitution  Lions were trained to sexually assault the gladiators for the amusement of the audience  Homosexuality – romans made up the term, doing it Greek style, which refers to anal with 2 guys o Rise of Christianity – pendulum swings again, towards more restrictiveness  Saint Paul – it is good for men not to touch a women, celibacy was a brand new idea  Asceticism: people who reject bodily sexual pleasure  Saint Augustene – people are born between urine and feces,  Celibacy for priests and nuns  Sex should be for pro-creation  Divorce is not allowed  Projection is a form of displacement – taking your feelings out on someone, ideally someone defenceless (the poor, the young, and women – called witches) o Pendulum swings in middle ages – more sexual expression, mostly in upper class  Courtly love: knight in shining armour trying to rescue the damsel in distress, who is way up there, desirable but unattainable, women put on pedestals – Rapunzel, but you cannot consummate that love, or there will be a price to pay – beginning of class differences, and rebellion  Idea spreads during the renaissance  Reforms are saying there are some problems – celibacy may not work for priests, Luther argued that celibacy should be eliminated and people should be allowed sex for pleasure instead of just pro-creation  1528: Henry the 8 wants a divorce that the church won’t give him – so he sets up his own government  People decided to find the new world – north and south America, in order to get greater say over sexuality  Sexual expression within marriage was fine, not outside  They believe the earth was a place for the chosen to be elected to go to heaven, through work ethic o Victorian Era  Period of strong sexual restrictiveness  Sexual repression is explained in terms of personal hygiene and decorum  Spermatorrhea: believed that just as blood has to be a proper balance in the body so did semen, was something to be feared – many who developed this were at risk of blindness, men and boys needed to be curved from temptation  Anything that could possibly lead to sexual feelings had to be hidden, people were covered head to toe  Men were described as animalistic, and women were described as delicate little flowers  Sex becomes the husbands privilege and the women’
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