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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 and 4 (September 16 and 30) - Female & Male Anatomy and Physiology

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Peggy Kleinplatz

th th Lecture 3 and 4 – September 16 and 30 2013 Female and Male Anatomy FEMALE ANATOMY Clitoris – the only part of the body that has only one purpose, sexual pleasure Vulva changes colour based on whether one has given birth or not – blood during pregnancy makes the change in colour, which stays throughout life – people Homologous – refers to structure: developing from the same embryotic tissue in utero, in 7 week we see sex differentiation, penis referred to as over-grown clitoris, cannot see the curua (meaning root) – where it attaches to the pubic bone, base of the penis and clitoris (will see the base of the penis but not the clitoris), shaft (can see that of penis but not of clitoris, glands of clitoris or penis, when a women is aroused the clitoris hides under the clitoral hood, it does this because it is extremely sensitive, penis is 3- 5 cm soft, and 4-6 hard, clitoris has 3 times the nerve endings then the penis Analogous – refers to function or physiology Internal female genital – covered in textbook Except, bartholin’s glands – 2, one on each side, used to be believed to be responsible for vaginal lubrication, but this is not true, Sperm require a much more normal pH environment then normally present at the vaginal opening, the glands make it easier for sperm to survive Myths around the vagina - Stretches and stays stretch - Hymen breaks when you lose your virginity o Hymen surrounds your vaginal opening, and it’s always open, when you are born, have sex, give birth or die o If you were actually born with a membrane covering your vaginal opening then you wouldn’t be able to menstruate o 1% of women are born with a preferenhymen – they turn 16 and still never get their period, but it turns out they do get their period, but the blood never comes out because there is no opening and so it just accumulates Structure of the vagina - Three layers of tissue: mucus membrane (inner layer), muscular tissue (middle layer), elastic fiber tissue (outer layer) – very elasticy Average angle of the vagina and erect penis are 45 degrees Rugae – folds in the wall of the vagina Fallopian tubes – homologous, male prostate? Female prostate is past the vagina 70% of women will never have an orgasm during intercourse 19- 21% will only have 1 orgasm during their lifetime during intercourse 9-11%: have orgasms during intercourse on a regular basis Perineum: area between the vaginal opening and the anus (female), area between the scrotum and the anus (male) – sensitive to sexual stimulation if you find it arousing, if you are brought up to find it stimulating Breasts: in this cultural we really sexualize the breasts (psycho-social way), in other cultures they do not - Composed of: mammalian glands, fatty tissues, fibrous tissue – as we grow older fatty tissue decrease and fibrous tissue increase MALE ANATOMY Male anatomy - Left testicle usually hangs lower than the right - Myths with the penis: o Every man thinks they’re smaller than the average o Wider the better o Race determines how big you are or shoe size, hands, noes, ears, forearm size, height, your finger L Phillip Brushton - Wrote an article on the correlation between penis size and race, brain size and race, and brain size and penis size o White men have medium size brains and penises o Black men have big penises and small brains o Asia men have big brains and small penises - Got his data from an unanimous source in the war, funding came from the John Bursh society – a racist organization like the KKK What was said about the clitoris applies to the penis - You cannot see the corra (root) - But in the male you can see the base, the shaft, the glands - No part of the body is symmetrical, left testicle typically hangs lower in the scrotum - Most sensitive part of the penis – not two men are alike - Clitoris has 1 function – penis has 3: sexual pleasure, reproduction, and urination – it is analogous to the clitoris for pleasure, and homologous in other ways - Perineum: defined as the back of the scrotum and the tissue between the back of the scrotum and the anus - Scrotum: main function – temperature regulation, keeps testes at 96.6 degrees F - Testes: 2 purposes (analogous and homologous to the ovaries in the women) o Production of sperm – takes place in the seminephrous tubules o Production of ??? such as testosterone…. leydig’s - Parts of the penis: made up of highly vascular tissue – 3 chambers o Spongy body – provides cushioning for the urethra which carries urine and semen – erect penis, hand at base from the bottom and take it up to the tip of his penis and the ridge is the spongy body o 2 Cavernous bodies – the areas on either side of the spongy body - Erection caused by a man being sexually stimulated either between his ears or his legs that blood rushes in and pushes against blood vessels that it can’t get out? - PDE5 inhibitors work on the receptors for dilation of the arteries of the cavernous body, only if a man is already turned on, making it easier to keep an erection if you are already turned on, arteries will not fill with blood if man is not aroused - Placebo rate with Viagra is 50% - Levitra- fewer side affects - Viagra – flushing and headaches, has an erection with an umph (super hard) - Cialis – lasts longer Internal Male Genitalia - Path of spermatogenesis o Manufactured in the manifisures tubules in the testes o Make their way up and around into the epididymis o From epididymis goes into the vast deferens o Go into the ejaculatory duct o Seminal vesicles: create fructose – fruit sugar, and when the sperm meets up with the fructose, sperm cells gain motility and mobility, we get most of what we call semen coming from prostatic fluid o Cowprs? o Highly alkaline fluid?????? this occurs when a man is aroused before ejaculation – pre-
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