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Lecture 13

PSY3123 Lecture 13: Infant-Parent Bedsharing

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University of Ottawa
Guergana Roumenova Mileva;

LS13 Infant-Parent Bedsharing All mammals sleep in proximity to their young. Humans traditionally did too, crib sleeping was rare until the 20th century. This shift occurred because western cultures began to favour individualism, autonomy, romantic love, sexual privacy, adoption of bottle feeding. Now, solidary sleeping is now the norm. The place of infant sleep is a controversial topic, there are recommendations against bed-sharing but some parents argue for bedsharing. Figure: Meta-analysis of bed-starring frequencies. Red being more incidents of bedsharing and green being less. In the Netherlands: at two months the highest cases of bed sharing occur among Caribbean, the Dutch and the lowest among the Turkish.At 24 months, Caribbeans are still the highest, then moderate for Turkish and lowest for Dutch. Showing that Turkish maintains their low levels until two years, and Dutch drops of dramatically. Predictors of bed-sharing differ between ethnicities. Dutch mothers are more likely to bed share if they are depressed, the child has a bad temperament, or their is household crowding (reactive bed-sharing). International bed sharing would be choosing to bed share based on the benefits to your child, not as a reaction to circumstances. Breastfeeding and bed-sharing is bidirectional: bed sharing mothers are more likely to breastfeed, breastfeeding mothers are more likely to bed-share. Behaviours of bed-shar
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