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Lecture 6

PSY3123 Lecture 6: Lecture 6.2

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Guergana Roumenova Mileva;

Lecture 6.2: Divorce Healthier to be married? What is Divorce? Divorce: The legal dissolution of a marriage Separation: A couple whose relationship breaks down and they decide to live apart -Divorce is not uniform and should not be oversimplified -Different experiences for every family History of Divorce -In early canada, laws were strict and divorce was infrequent -Church -Forbade divorce -Adultery by the wife was considered grounds for divorce -Because of inheritance laws -Cruelty was not After confederation: 1867 -if no divorce court in province, could submit bill to parliament -if it passed you were divorced -Very expensive -Very long -1925 and after -Women could sue for divorce for the same reasons as men History of divorce -Immediately after WWII -Divorce rates jumped -Neither Anglican or Roman Catholic churches recognized divorce or remarriage until mid 1960s -in 1968: Divorce Act -No sault principle of marriage breakdown was introduced -1985: Divorce Amendment -Reduced waiting period for marriage breakdown (divorce) to 1 year Present Day Divorce -Divorces at midlife are increasingly common -Silver separations - after 65 years old -Many initiated by women -Most feel relief at leaving an unfulfilling relationship -Hard on homemaker wife -Some see divorce as personal failure Why people divorce -The divorce act recognized 3 legal grounds 1. Cruelty 2. Adultery 3. Being separated for one year -Researchers have identified three kinds of reasons people divorce 1. Fundamental issues 2. Experiential issues 3. Fertility issues Signs that predict divorce -4 horsemen of apocalypse -John Gottman -1994 1. Criticism 2. Contempt 3. Defensiveness 4. Stonewalling Social Factors which increase likelihood of divorce 1. Age: Many before 20 are more likely to separate 2. Socioeconomic status 3. Cohabitation before marriage 4. If parents have divorced, you are more likely to divorce Divorce disrupts the whole family -Easiest for married couples with no children -The more history you have the harder it gets -How do you decide to divorce? The decision to divorce -Not a single phase -People delay separation until a time they consider
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