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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 -Deception Detection.docx

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Julie Dempsey

Lecture 4 Deception DetectionOctober11121108 AM BOOK EXCERPTKEYWORDSPolygraph technique polygraph parts applications canadaUSTypes of polygraph tests comparison question conducts stimulation concealed info IaconoPatrickValidity laboratory field studyAccuracy CIT CQTBeating polygraphAdmissibility FryeBrain based deception P300 advantage Ganis limitationVerbalnonverbal cues examples EkmanFrisen Stromwall HartwigGranhagVoice pitchDo some detect better deception detection factors Polygraph TechniquePolygraph device for recording autonomic nervous system responsesRelies on principle that deception is associated with physiological change to questions askedPartsElectrodes used for sweat galvanic skin responseBlood pressure cuff measures heart rate12 week training program provided by Canadian Police College restricted to police officersPolygraph ApplicationsCanadaCriminal investigations to resolve a caseFailing may pressure confessionVictims may take test for verificationPolygraph disclosure test uncover info about offenders past behaviourWhether offender is violating probation or evidence of risky behaviourUSEmployees theft drugs to weed out those with criminal tendencies or drug abusersEmployee Polygraph Protect Act restricted polygraph use on employeesNow specific to investigations for job related wrong doingUsed as screening tool police departments Types of Polygraph TestsComparison Question TestCommonIncludes pretest interview followed by questions where responses are measuredPretest interviewControl questions learns background convice suspect of accuracy of polygraphConducts Stimulation Test
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