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jonathon Donahue

Psychometrics – January 22, 2014 Current issues in test - Invasion in privacy o Code of conduct: test for things they are not aware of or are not required. Protected information cannot be published for the public to see. Not fair to collect for one study and use if for a study in coming years - Gender bias, language issues, examples o White, middles class, men: biased against other ethnic backgrounds and not generalizeable - Cultural bias; fairness to minority groups o Not giving respect and information to other ethnic groups regarding the procedure, use and collection of information o Tuskegee study; authority issues o Desiring one type of ethnic background; studying a culture with - Self-incrimination-no rebuttal o Right to not say things that will put you in legal turmoil o Affecting the personal lives of those who participate - Criterion reference instead of norm reference o Particular value vs comparing to testing group o Predefined set of criteria vs relative score to the one group - Coaching can help scholastic test scores o If you are coached to get the right answers are they really a measure of your true knowledge o If one can afford these services is it fair to those who can’t - IQ tests don’t measure the correct constructs o Knowing the structure ability (m/c) - Genetic differences in IQ o Women not doing as well as men in intelligence tests but this comes to sample size and testing o Missing a practical difference o Used large samples so the 0.5 difference became statistically significant o Did the testing at certain ages where cognitive abilities haven’t developed - Grades and diplomas or demonstration of competency on objective tests - Norms are not valid- everyone is above average o Most report being above average - m/c vs authentic assessment o a =b is correct actually measures if you read all the answers o
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