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Mirou Jaana

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Broca’s Aphasia Wernicke’s Aphasia • Damage to Left Frontal Lobe • Damage to upper left temporal lobe • Not Fluent Speech • Fluent Speech • Rarely use function words & don’t • Person uses function words & employs complex use tenses such as –ed verb tenses & subordinate clauses; lack of content • Understand everything said to words(verbs n’ shit) them • Recognizes spoken words but cannot convert thoughts into words • Have difficulty articulating words • Cannot comprehend the meaning of words (recognition does not equal comprehension) • When it gets extreme people start to mumble Aggrammatism Pure Word Deafness • Damage only to Broca’s AREA • Damage only to Wernicke’s AREA • Loss of ability to • Inability to understand speech that is heard but can produce/comprehend complex still read lips and writing
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