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Lecture 12

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Public Administration
Joseph Roman

Lecture 12November11131258 PM November 11th 2013Understanding budgets1Budgets most important part of public sector budget making essentially about apoliticsdebates about how to allocate resources what most of our elections irevolve around Expression of a countrys priorities elections determine what priorities willibeRevenues are what politicans needs to caarry out daily activities and new iprograms if neededBudgetsfiscal policy government spending within the economyaRevenue taxation how to we get money to put on new and existing iprogramsOther forms services charges user fees make money at borders 1also get money form borrowingExpenditures how to allocate money and spend it Institutional goals and ifinancial requirements being setMonetary policy supply of money within economyiiMaking and delivering budgets1Revenue and expenditures have their own processes but are related cant have aone without the otherRevenue pm and minister of finance prepare budget with department of ifinance and customs and revenue which present economic wide outlet fiscalare in consu
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