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Lecture 8

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Public Administration
Joseph Roman

Lecture 8October09131134 AM October 921th 2013Understanding hiring and firing in the public sector1employ broad range of workersaHiring ahired baed on merit crown have own set of rules but still recognize meritiBecause bad appointments can come back to bite you easier to 1find loyals with better quaificationUsed to be that All appoints based on party affiliation minsters 2could exercise authority of hiring and firingLaurier Civil service act of 1908 all canadians should have 3reasonable oppurtunity to work in ottawa so all decisions had to be based on merit only applied to jobs in ottawa inside serviceWorld war 1 brought merit to for front dont want incompetient 4peoplerunning warCivil service act of 1918 made merit apply to entire civil aservice civil service commiwion replaced by public service commission Borden so that canadians received highest level of service made election process fairerLevel of patronage in bureaucracy contractural work done on basis of iparty support character of judiciary reflects government of the timePositions subject to job classification occupational group and sub group idetermines job criteria to make decisions determines wages and salariesProblems very g
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