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Lecture 10

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University of Ottawa
Public Administration
Joseph Roman

Lecture 10October28131258 PM October 28th 2013NPM practices in the federal civil service1Despite its failure of realizing NPM principles NPM has found a home in the afederal civil serviceMost NPM reforms successful at micro level fail at macro bureaucracies better aat incremental changePreferred avenuemeans of NPM alternative service delivery asking for apreferenceWays to achieve it privatization deregulation commercialization legal ichange cost recovery devolve a service give it to the province or a municipality partner with other levels of government or partner with the private sectorPCO reforms were reaction to actions in reducing the deficit cuts to public aservice hurt civil servicePCO sponroed development program regroup develop retain individuals ito serve as policy analysts and researchersEstablish policy research initiative aim to improve ottawa policy and ireasearch acapacity by increasing policy networks bring federal researchers to contact researchers within pronvincial government make think tanks and acedemics sponsored reserch projects on large policies NA linkages and free trade social cohesion sustainable development issuesCant divorce policy making from
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