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Lecture 7

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University of Ottawa
Public Administration
Joseph Roman

Lecture 7October07131259 PM October 7th 2013the note of federal structures on the decision making model Role of federalism1The ways federalism is practised will effect decision makingaClassical federalism until 1940 Repsects divisions of powers federal doesnt act bin provincial matters etc prevailed because ontario champion of provincial rights iDecisions made by judicial committee of privy council allowed jcpc aided iwith keeping seperation of power STRICT IN INTERPRETATION OF THE BNA ACT REASON WHY SOCIALPOLICY provincial responsibilityDepression led to end of classical thought that classical federalism iiprolonging depression ww2 houwed that ottawa could be macroeconomic manager because ottawa had powers to userp emergency powers emergence of welfare state ottawa assuming more control over policy fieldsCooperative federalism 19451960a to bring an end to this need to direect new administrative structures to iorganize governmental affairsDfederal government cooperating with provincial government ottawa able ito breed national programs health and socialFederalism becaomes administrative matteriInterdominal affairs made by executiveiQuebec objected oppos
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