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Lecture 6

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Public Administration
Joseph Roman

Lecture 6October02131131 AM October 2nd 2013Rules and types of departments1Workforces of government Administer programs past important changing them acompletely would be disruptive serve constituencies often fulfill recognized public needs new programnew constituency and presentIncremental change current practices are always rooted in past onesiDevelop policy ministers are the ones who ask bureaucracies to make them aneed research and analysis departments specialize in particular fields strengths weaknesses possibilities and limits informed by keeping records have discussionsliase with provincesCommunicated up to change of command gets studied going up each ichainOn top of chain of command communication must be done with aother offices and departments that could be effected commissionersMinisters and senior bureacrats getting rid of mandatory long aform censusDifferences between states based on how theyre classifiedaService department most visible and popular but not most influential in igovernment provide direct services to public and client groups ex Fisheries and oceans passport office service canadaSupport department provide policy and program assistant direct support ito government dont really liase or serve public most influential provide social economical etc information for policies and deliver to policy makers department of finance and treasury board not popular smallest departments concentrated in ont and que not dispersed across the country only public works and national defenseAlways multilayered chain of command mulitlayered ubiquitous iihierarchy clear lines of managerial commandHierarchal breakdowns because of geographical dispersion large aand complex so due to make mistakes prone to break downCrown agencies independent of government not organized as a bdepartment not subject to same accountability operate differently might have to answer to minister special elections canadaMinister at the topaDeputy ministerbSenior department officialscMiddle managersdFront line workerseStructure of departments role of deputy minister1Ministers at top but not experts Expertssenior official deputy ministerionly one that liases with minister administrative head chief manager of adepartmentresponsible to the minister to ensure its fulfilling its duties especially to aparties makes sure they look good to develop ministers polcy adgenda keep
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