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Lecture 5

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Public Administration
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Joseph Roman

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Lecture 5September25131110 AM September 30th 2013Understanding the parliamentary systems executive legislative relations1Canada follows parliamentary system US doesntaRelationship between executive and legislature executive drawn from ilegislature fusedExecutive drawn from legislature fused not popularly elected 1country doesnt vote for head of governmentDepend on each other for survival and career progression aexecutive has to go to legislature conferenceLegislature can bring executive down aprinciple of responsible government executive imust answer to legislaturePrime minister Leader of the party who has won the most seat in 1house of commonsHead of state different form government governor general 1monarch representative above politics not elected lacks substantial powers ceremonial helps push politics in a directionMembers of government have clear interest that the government 1stands stay loyal become a art of executive Party discipline parties ensure stay loyal to executive if anot hurt career prospectsParty whip makes sure you vote as executive wants you tobExecutive in Canada features no
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