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Lecture 9

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University of Ottawa
Public Administration
Joseph Roman

Lecture 9October23131052 AM October 23rd 2013Revisiting NPM170s and 80s Thatchers reforms Reagans ideasaCritics of bureaucracies make advances by making strong arguments for NPMaTurn against bureacracy 1964 barry goldwater electionaThatcheraRun government like business focus on outcomes that can be measurediDistinguish roles of managers and politicians because of emphasis on iservice deliveryBy defining Thatcher established that politicians were there to 1make policy and managers are there to implement inMore innovative bureaucracies by implementing horizontal forms of imanagement so there is more participation and decisions more flexibleCritics of NPM1Public sector cant adopt private sector mentalitiesaFundamentality differentipublic means citizens and citizens have rights so sector has 1obligations it has to fill private sector doesnt critics agree on thisEven crown corporations they fill a public funciton ex aCanada post air canada all citizens have the right to travelDecisions are made on basis of deliberation1Dont argue against poor use of resourcesaRoles of public s
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