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Lecture 2

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Public Administration
Joseph Roman

Lecture 2September1113322 PM September 11th 2013Why should we study the state1Not very thought about or defined defined in and of itself effects on apublic etcStates are at the center of political science affects everyonebPolitics about the study of power and state has a low of power power cactor getting another to do something ex taxesRegulates everyday life ex birth and death certificate how muchwhen dyou can drink etc by institutions monitor income department of health diseases riskOrigins of the state1identify origins to understand logicsadistinctly European form of institution spread across world through bcolonialismcolonialism and imperialism most states arent nation statesiwar 30 years war religious war revolt in bohemia protestants ivs catholics interference of neighbouring jurisdictionsTreaty of Wes Dalia establish the foundations of the 1sovereign stateEstablished idea of sovereigntyaIdea of territorial boundariesbEstablished the fact
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