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Public Administration
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Jon Houseman

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10/14/2010 10:30:00 AM Revisiting new public management All though it took off in the 70s you can see transition to NPM in the 60s  Reforms were being undertaken. Ideals that government should act like business.  A lot of the arguments made against bureaucracy revolves around being lazy, unresponsive.  Canada has a stronger history of government intervention. Completely different country from the United States  Distinguish between public sector managers and politicians. Bureaucracy was way to involved into making policies. Their jobs were to focus on service delivery. Programs do have to see what being accomplish is being accomplished. When it begins to become unreasonable is when it involves number. Measurement isn’t entirely bad. Outcome isn’t completely about bad measurements, it’s just when it’s about number. Critics of NPM  Public and private sectors are different in orientation. They are run different.  Public sector doesn’t run on money. Canadian deficit doesn’t mean country isn’t being well run.  In the 90s there were a mania about applying a business model to the public sector. It had died down today.  There not saying tax payers wallets are unlimited, there are limits to public funding. People can take so much taxation.  Critics see that public sector has different core values than the private sector  Private sector value: Provide service to the citizens. Canada post delivers to everyone, regardless of where you live and charges the same rate. UPS deliver at expenses. Public sector cannot have private interest at heart. Private sector has inherent selfishness, it’s all done to maximize your own gain. Decisions are made through elections and debate in the public sector. Promoting is far wider than the private sector. Government will always be committed to their citizens. Government role is to hold society together e.i Railroad, connecting Canadians from ocean to ocean. In government there are many center to answer to. Always have to consider how decision will effect other ministries. They also must report to the treasury board. Decision making is slow because of the organizational complexity. Each department is communicating with each other to deliver the collective good. Departments need to cooperate. The public sector has political and legal restraints and what they can and cannot do.  There are certain rules and regulations they must follow. Policies are sometimes reviewed by the judiciary.  Sometimes the government must ask if policies comply with the Charter of Rights and Freedom.  They need to consider reaction from regions.  Public sector is unionized. When reworking the public sector you must comply with the unions. The experiences of NPM programs in Canada  New public management was allowed to flourish because of the political environment.  Real first attempt to introduced NPM initiatives failed.  Lambert report is when you first start seeing NPM b
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