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Public Administration
Frank Ohemeng

Public Administration and DemocracyOctober05131027 AM Public Administration Power and PoliticsQuestion influence of power and politics on public adminSee cause of power and Dahl PoliticsExercise of powerPublic or authoritative allocation of valuesScience of who gets what and howSet the policy and public administration carries it out cause of power is from relationshipPowerability of one actor to impose its will on another to get its way or what it wantsWeber Ability to get other to do what you want against their willDahl relation among social actors in which social actor A can get another social actor B to do something they wouldnt otherwise have doneoRelation between these actors part of social structureoX has power over y in so far asX is able to get y to do somethingthat is more xs likingwhich y wouldnt have doneoA has power over b so that a has effect on bs choices and actionsoA has capacity to move bs choices and actions in ways that a wantsoA has capacity t override opposition from bForms of poweroForce implies control of body than personoPersuasion persuade wi
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