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Frank Ohemeng

Theories of OrganizationOctober0713504 PMStudy OrganizationsWhat is an organization see belowHow are they studied Definition group of people who jointly work to achieve at least one common goal or a concioously coordinated social entity with a relatively identifiable boundary that functons on a relatively continuous basis to ahieve a common goal or set goalsoSocial entitty unit composed of people or groups who interact with each otheroOrganzaitons are entities interaction of actors must be balanced to minimize redundancy and ensure that the task be completedoBond can change over time and might not always be clea need definable boundary to distinguish membersCreate context in which government action takes placeInsist to achieve something unattainable alon or more efficiently through group effortComplex organizationDefinition organization so large and structurally differentiated that it cant be managed effectively by an individualoPrimary instrument through which modern societies ahieve goalsoEx Corporations government agencies provide public services and collective goods that shape quality of life hospitals nonprofit voluntary associations business organzaiotns provide goods and services that contribute to material well beingWhy must the administrator know how administration worksoTo have good knowledge of how public policy is developped and executed how to get what you want doneoBureaucrat must be familiar with a number of administrative techniquesot the organizationAdvantages of formal organizational structuresoAccomplish more working togetheroAchieve cooperation between people or coordination between tasksoCreate predictability and regularity for the people who work inand interact with the organizationsoOrganizational structure allow people to know what to expect and whats expected of them where to get answers chain of commanoProvide the framework for dividing work so people can develop skills in particular areaDisadvantagesoSame procedures that ensure fairness and consistency in treatment can keep people from getting what they wantoEmployees of organization feel limited in the freedom to decide when to go to work and what task to accomplish Theories used in analyzing organizationsWhat are the major fields of organization theory see subfields and major fieldsExplain the differences between organizational theory and behaviour see subfields
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