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University of Ottawa
Public Administration
Frank Ohemeng

Public Administraiton Public Policy and PolicyProgram EvaluationNovember2813430 PM What is Public PolicyThomas Dye whatever government choose to do or not doLes Pal a course of action or inaction chosen by public authorities to address a given problem of interrelated set of problemsAndersen purposive course of action followed by an actor or a set of actors in dealing with a problem or a matter of concernAucoin must be considered to encompass the actual activities undertaken by a government whether or not a governments objectives and strategies are explicit or congruent with its activitiesGregory Marchildon systematic laying out of the objectives of a government as well as the practical measures that are proposed to achieve those objectivesCommonalityPolicy being a case of action or inactionAnd specific courses of action ex a course of action policy to eliminate driving and texting thats killing kids and costing government moneyPolicy TypesRegulatory designed to limit the actionsbehaviours of personsgroups so as to protect the general publicDistributive most common provides benefits to people by grantssubsidiesex using general tax revenuesRedistributive takes taxes from certain groups and gives to another benefit less advantageous at the expense of the advantaged to prevent social delinquincy from the disadvantagedIncome stabilization help to support those unemployedretiredSocial welfare providing direct payments to individuals or supporting statelocal efforts for disadvanaged peopleHealthcare programsseen as winlose situationConstituent intended to benefit the public or serve the government ex foreign defence policies Policy Making ProcessContinuous doesnt stop since govenrment policies are always in a state of changeSystems Theory David Easton black boxBlack boxcabinet where decisions are madeOutput Decisionpolicy that comes outAnother box policies goes into general environment whole of society feedback loopCitizens respond to government through support and demanddisaggregate into stages Simplified model formulation implementation evaluation cycle starts again based on evaluation reviewed policyMostly involves making decisions about existing policies no end all subject to revision especially when government changes
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