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Lecture 7

PAP2320 Lecture 7

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Public Administration
Joshua Zaato

Lecture 7 (Jan 28 ): The Machinery of Government Departmental Organizations:  In Canada, Departmental organizations are governed by the Financial Administration Act (FAA) and about half of the federal public service work in departments/ministries  Departments are statutory bodies and created by a law passed by Parliament o Every department is headed by a minister, appointed by the PM o In every department the minister is fully accountable for the actions of the department o Must know exactly what is happening o Why? Because the Government was elected by the People  There is no fixed number or limit on the number of departments/ministries as the number fluctuates with different governments and different times o Entirely at the discretion of the PM  Departments are established to provide public services and administer programs to the public, other departments within the government  Funding from departments comes from an annual Appropriations Act passed by Parliament o Every budget must be voted for and approved by Taxpayers Role of the Public Service Commission (PSC)  The PSC is an independent agency responsible for the safeguarding of the values of a Professional Public Service o Based on competence, non-partisanship, and representativeness o One of the most important governmental organizations  The PSC: o Is dedicated to building a public service that strives for excellence through merit, non- partisanship, representativeness, and the use of both official languages  The Law of Canada imposes duties and responsibilities on the PSC o Safeguards the integrity of staffing in the public service and the political impartiality of public servants  Must attain a job because you are the ideal candidate o Recruits talented Canadian to the public service, drawn from across the country Employment Equity There was a time when everyone working the the Public service spoke only English Nowadays all official business does by the government is covered in both official languages  Employment equity is a major objective of the PSC that seeks to ensure that the public service reflects and respects our diverse society o The public service should be equally represented by French and English mean and women  It seeks to: o Accommodate the needs of persons through all stages of the appointment process address, undue hardship, disadvantages arising from prohibited grounds of discrimination o Use assessment tools/processes that are designed and implemented without bas and do no create systemic barriers o Demonstate that a decision to limit the area of a selection to members of one or more of the designated groups is consistent Types of departments  3 main types: o Vertical constituency departments  They exist to provide services directly to the whole population( health, education) or a segment of the population (Indian affairs, northern development).  Vertical because they provide services a direct link to citizens o Horizontal Administrative Coordinative type  Exist to provide services to other departments or other forms of departments and have little to no contact with citizens.  The Dept. of Public works and Gov’t services provides and coordinates a range of services for other departments  The Canadian School Public service is another o Horizontal policy coordinating types:  Their responsibilities include developing a broader policy framework within which other governments functions are carried out, that all other departments must go by.  The ministry of finance  The PSC and TBS Central Agencies:  Central Agencies are responsible for coordinating line departments in the Canadian System  They exist to support the decision making abilities of cabinet with information and advice and by communicating cabinet decision to other parts of government  They ensure consistency across departments and that departments spending activities fits the government revenue-raising capacity o The treasury board – set guidelines for the rest of departments to abide to o The Finance department o Privy Council Office o PMO (Prime minister’s office)  Distinguished by the Enormous power they retain Department of finance:  Is one of the most powerful and important departments within the government, most powerful actor in the federal government o Precisely because they have the money  Finance Canada develops policies and provides advice to the Gov’t with the Goal of creating a healthy economy for all Canadians o Central to what ever happens  For example: o Plans and prepares the federal government budget and analyzes and designs tax policies o Develops regulations for canadas banks and other financial institutions o Administers the transfer of federal funds to the provinces and territories o Develops policies on international finance and helps design our countries tarrif policies o Monitors economics and financial developments in Canada and provides policy advice on a wide range of issues  One of the smallest departments –
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