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Public Administration
Roger Rickwood

WEEK 4January2714703 PM Inwood119158 public administration and institutionsFactors Influencing Organizational StructureCapitalist democracy1Combines capitalist relations of production with democratic electoral institutions that shape public administration organizational life must conform to this systemOrganization of government must meet needs of property holding capitalists by creating conditions of profitability but must be balanced against the interests of others in the system ethicState structures are created to defend right to private property act in interests of the capitalistsBusiness interests defended through the structures of the state and the will of the majority must prevailMust respond to the democratically expressed will of ordinary citizens since majority arent capitalistsFederalism1Constitutional authority to make laws is divided between national government and regional governmentsNational or regional governments acting together have the authority to alter the power of the other level of governmentResponsibilities complicated by ambiguous language of constitution and overlapping nature of issues confronting modern governments so both levels set up administrative organizations in the same areas of jurisdiction also reflects federal flexibility ex Health care provincial responsibility but both levels have health ministryGolden rule he who has the gold makes the rules spending powerFiscal imbalance regionalprovincial has most expensive policy areas but lack fiscal capacity federal has fiscal resources but lacks constitutional jurisdiction in most expensive policy areasFederal provincial diplomacy regular meetings between federal and provincial ministersCabinet parliamentary Government1FeaturesRelationship between branches of governmentConstitution tells us that certain offices are conferred with tremendous powers but practice reveals that they dont exercise those powersExecutive branch monarch governor general cabinet includes pmPublic service a part in that it administers the programs devised by the executive and tenders advice no the formulation of those programsPg 124Governor general has power on behalf of monarch to decide which political party will form government when parliament will be dissolved when a new election will be called confer royal assent upon legislationPrivy council cabinet all current and former ministers of the crown exercises powers cited in the constitutions as the prerogative of the monarchOnly current members of the cabinetAppointed by the pm head of cabinet government members of the HoCResponsible government government must explain itself and be accountable to the elected representatives of the peopleFusion of powers facilitates accountability in that the pm and cabinet must participate every day in question periodpresident not a member of congress nor does he require the support of a majority of its members to retain powerLegislative parliament elected lower chamber HoC and upper chamber senateLaw passing bodyMust have the support of the majority in the HoCPower enhanced in minority government since executive must be more responsive as it cant command majority without attracting support of oppositionJudicial branch supreme court and all courts and judges below in federal and provincialComposed of appointed officialsMediates 2 types of disputesDisputes related to division of powers in the constitution intraultra viresRelationship with government and citizens citizens can appeal to the courts if rights have been infringed or deniedAlso concerned with administrative law making sure rules are followedNoninterference in judicial affairs cabinet members can be firedPolitical Administrative RelationshipsPolitics administrative dichotomy division of elected officials and appointed ones in the organization of government doesnt always workElected key decision makers because represent the peopleAppointed there to take orders administer programs and assist politicians with policies ex Public servant how are they held to accountFear of rule by officials in connection with bureaucracies that appear to be too powerful raises questions about goals of public servant and bring their own selfinterest into the process because elections only hold elected officials accountableDepartmental OrganizationsFederal organizations grouped into schedules under legislation called the financial administration act pg 130Pm selects cabinet ministers from parliament includes senate and HoC limited because senators are already appointed by himConstrained by regional linguistic etc normally cabinet sets distributed by provincial populationGradual growth of departments number and types under pm discretion can transfer or combine powersMerit based hiring and firing funding comes from annual appropriation act passed by parliament as part of government budget
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