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Lecture 9

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Public Administration
Roger Rickwood

Lecture 9February0314401 PM February 3rd 2014 1867 Canada becomes a country inside the dominion of BritainSovereignty divided in 3 waysoBritain retains power over trade defence and foreign trade and the power to pick the GG could overrule Canadian legislation final say on judicial systemoProvincial government appoint LG1931 statute of Westminstergave Canada independent from UKoStill had ties Amendments to the constitution had to go through UK still held onto JCPC until 1949 when supreme court came1960s struggled to develop constitutional amendment formula didnt succeed until 1982Formula prohibits shuffling of powers allows province to amend things in its jurisdictionOne of the major struggleschallenges Resources provinces wanted free trade to other countriesGovernment in Canada has to change to fit the constitutional model around itoWhat this means Provinces cou
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