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Lecture 8

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Public Administration
Roger Rickwood

Lecture 8January2914235 PM January 29th 214Indirect system of representation dont choose pm elect member of provincial parliament who choose who will be prime minister Westminster model look upBegan with British governor not responsible government with council and representational assemblyoGovernor relied on advisors of the councilSystem changed in 1848 adopted responsible government similar to UKoCabinet made up of members of legislative assembly and governor agreed to task and sign any bills passed the assembly unless blocked by executive councilSystem based on cabinet systemPM chief sub committee of queens privy councilUp toto become ministers sworn in by gg have executive authority over their departmentoSystem revolves around cabinet and ministerial solidarity principle cabinet always vote together if you cant duty to resignPrinciple of individual ministerial responsibility minister in charge of department and give direction to the direction through chief administrative officer DM political appointmentcabinet d
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