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Lecture 6

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Public Administration
Roger Rickwood

Lecture 6January22141240 PM January 22nd 2014Weber Didnt think his theory could lend to democracy in the state not the job of bureaucracygood democracy one gets the job done for the political leaders model of efficiency WilsonTried to bring in merit to bureaucratic organization only for those at the bottom ex police should be qualifiedrational puritanical government Extent to which state intervenes in societyLibertarian nothing more than patrolling borders maintain roadsSocialist own all means of production Socialism associated with the idea that society should be organized in the basis of cooperation rather than competition and that the collective is of paramount importance in securing liberty of the individualSelf worth recognized in the idea that all in society are equalState is active agent of intervention in marketplace up to nationalization of industryLiberalism individual is the sing
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