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Lecture 5

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University of Ottawa
Public Administration
Roger Rickwood

Lecture 5January2014250 PM January20th 2014Max Weberobserved various layers of bureaucratic offices in an organization dedicated to serving Prussian state thought to be efficient becausedesigned to control territory and have enough force to produce enough servicescapable of extraction of taxes to keep organization going and enough policemilitary strength to enforce on the peoplepyramidal structureotop down hierarchyoreporting structure from bottom uposeries of small hierarchiespyramidssilos within a bigger pyramidsoeveryone knows their job the rules etcoProblemlittle communication across a lot up and down each silo can operate on its ownred tape takes a while to change how the pyramid worksoExisted until WW1 Believed each office and officer should have a certain number of specificationsThought to be good especially because bettermore efficient than the ones before itUsed to be based on history family connections or political ones instead of meri
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