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Lecture 4

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Public Administration
Roger Rickwood

Lecture 4January1514228 PM January 15th 2014PowerState is about power creating a national social organization that can exert power over a part of the landscapeState has power state and geography collection of people that usually has government of peoplehave sovereign power over the state and can protect it State exists to serve common good but government wins over the majority so minorities dont get servedDemocratic state capacity to exert authority over territory and be recognized by others boundaries can be an issueTherefore government must project power over territory Purpose of State see class note 42exert authority over country1Public service began to exert authorityEx wanted to expand get the americans out sometimes used forcemaintain relationships and learn to negotiate1Ex dealing with americans british aboriginals reserves andfrench canadians decided needed federal stateSpread to other places and pro
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