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Lecture 3

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Public Administration
Roger Rickwood

Lecture 3January1314404 PM January 13th 2014Macro structure State flows from Westminster model inherited from the UK whichshapes the way we operate parliament and the nature of our public lawUniversal Declaration of adopted by UN in 1948 sets certain standards of government and individual rightsoEntrenched in our charter rights not in constitution but in statutory rights in common law or charteroMoral document that regulates how decisions should be made what rights there are what policies the state should pursueArticle 1 government doesnt give you rights born with it1Contradiction citizenship those who arent citizens might not have the same rightsLiberal concept individuals are rational human beings presume sane and have a conscience unless otherwiseArticle 3 section 7 of charter state has obligation to protect you and your 1securityArticle 7 Certain rights are guaranteed and the state has a duty to protect those 1who have rightsArticle 8 section 24 of charter go to courts and ask to remedy something if 2thought to be treated unequally b
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