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Frank Ohemeng

PAP 3370 – Theories of Organization Lecture 13 February 28 , 2011 (Feb 10 2014) th Organizational Environment -the aspects of the environment to which the organizations are sensitive to and must respond to -is anything not part of the organization itself -the environment provides puts such as capital, resources and labour -outputs include products and services Emergence -all organizations exist and relate to the environment that affects their operation -the organizational environment therefore is a vital element that influences the nature of policy, administrative reforms or changes or any program of planned change -managers at all levels who have a good appreciation of the environment and express that in their decisions and actions have a far greater chance of success than those who choose to underestimate or ignore the significance of the environment -contemporary researchers and experts now regard organizational environment and the challenges of dealing with them as absolutely critical or crucial to analyzing and leading organizations -members of an organization often enact its environment -in other words, the members construct, rearrange, single-out and demolish many objective fixtures of their surroundings -managers of an organization therefore consciously or unconsciously choose which issues to pay attention to and what to try to change -the domain defines the organization’s niche as well as those external sec
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