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PAP3370 24012012Second TraditionDepartmental Tradition What counts is specific knowledge You are going to be at your post for most of your career Therefore specific knowledge is most important to your post More American tradition Often interchanging between public and private sector The REAL world of Bureaucracy Webers conception of bureaucracy if you lack a paper trail does that make you any less of a bureaucracy Non bureaucratic organizations are flatter organizations IE no hierarchy Workers vote on who is their manager Happens in Spain Bureaucratic organizationscan be highly bureaucratic in some areas but not in others There is potential for measuring how bureaucratic an organization is Official structures are only as important as they are adhered too in terms of bureaucratic organizations Hall he looked at the perceptions of workers and how they perceive their organization Do they feel it is very hierachial You can figure out how bureaucratic an organization is how the workers perceive it Do they always leave a paper trail Is there a hierarchy He also says that when you make decisions without checking with a higher authority it means that your not really a bureaucratic Just because your not checking with a higher authority does that really mean your not bureaucratized It just means you have flexibility while keeping in mind that the organization has a goal
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