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University of Ottawa
Religious Studies
Lucie Dufresne

CELTIC •Freya •Celtic one: think of the goddess being a diamond: WOMEN •All of these Celtic ones are Sidh “fey” fairy •Fairy as in sorcerer in snow white, fairy god mother in cinderella, ladies who are extremely powerful, neither good nor bad, very dangerous. biggest power is to change fate •Cerridwen •She’s known by her chauldron •She’s the mistress of magic •Morriganne: she’s a war goddess, she turns into a crow. She’s the goddess of transformation. She eats the bodies of the dead so that they can be re-born. She’s the lady of the cross-roads •Cailleach (hag) she also transforms, rather rude statue that you see in old churches, huge vulva in your face, always on the wall that opens to the cemetary. The idea is that you’re born by a woman and you’re re-born by a woman. She’s the door you have to go through for re-birth These are names of gods (celtic) MEN •Sucullus (hammer) •Belonos (Brilliant) •Lugh (light) •Esus (good) •Dagda (cauldron-the Good God) •Taranis (Thunder) •Cernunnos/herne/cern (Stag) •Teutates (tribe) The women: all women are part of the feminine divine (Celtic) •Epona (horse) •Matres/madrones (The mothers) theres always 3, comes from the word “matron” •Artio (Bear) •Bride (Bright Arrow) •Time is what we perceive it to be •Most of our notions about how everyday magic works comes through early medieval thoughts •This is the part that never got Christianized: Gnomes, Fairies, Horses that turn into ppl, etc. NOT vampires •Merlin = owl •Garden gnomes = come from Switzerland, Germany, something of the earth •We’re in the world of Tolken, Harry Potter, in the land of the Witch the Lion and the Wardrobe •Neneton •Meeting in the forrest whether either the sunlight or moonlight can touch you your feet are in the ground and the underworld can touch you •Each of the spirals: Air, Earth, water (this is stability) •3 is important, the conjunction of 3 is important •Hawthorne: child of the original Hawthorne: ancestor of tree been there for thousands of years •Fountain (France?) •Red water is the blood of Christ, Fountain of youth, drink it to renew yourself •They’re all originally Celtic female divine sights, blessing of the earth given freely to ppl, seen as healing •Just a few in Canada •Lake St. homes in Edmonton?? •Madron •Boggy •Ground is muddy •Mud hole •What you do is best place to give offering, leave request •Tie piece of cloth which you spit on (part of yourself is on it) and you pray on what you wish and it flies around on that branch •1 year and a day (you get your wish) •For the Celtic everything started when the sun came down, it all started in anticipation •Plant a seed, send out a wish, tell a little bird •You expect a response, but not immediately •Places where you can access more than one realm is where you can leave offerings •Jewellery is destroyed so that it can ONLY belong to the Gods •This is where we get the idea about throwing coins into the fountain and make a wish •The Celts believed that you paid upfront (not doing something and paying them back later, it’s always upfront) •Gournay •Put swords, military equipment, and sometimes ppl (human sacrifice, not common) •It’s the portal between this world and the next where you send something •Epona: Goddess •She’s also the white mayor •The king of Ireland had to marry to become the King •She took the form of a white horse •The political winner, was kind of election mixed with kind of battle whoever won and proved their valler as a political person had to prove his valler as a man and had to become the spouse of the goddess •He had to have sex with the horse in front of everyone •Because Epona is the land and the land feeds you, he kills the horse gathers up her blood in a huge cauldron cuts up her meat makes a stew and feeds his ppl while he wear her skin •In the middle ages the British version of this became our story of Lady Godiva (wife of a local king who’s a bastard who does treat his ppl well and he’s so miserable that his wife is so ashamed of him. So shame him, she rides her white mayor through the county clothes only by her long hair a.k.a this is what you’ve done to my ppl you’ve striped them of their dignity. the people didn’t even look at her but the husband changed his ways •Godiva is Epona •Idea of land being female •Elizabeth the First Victoria are the only Queens who have been Queen in their own name and they’re both very modern •It was only after wars and disasters that we’ve had females as Queens??/rulers in Britain •The ruler of Britain had to ride on her stallion Men-an-tor (holey portal??) •Pure stone, considered the gateways to the something world. Gateways through which elves come •If your animal’s sick you walk it through the hole, because the power of the fairies will help •Fairies are neither good nor bad, their dangerous Droids •Musicians/poets (women & men) •Law makers/judges (women & men) •Priests •Anything that had to do with health, women’s business, but if it has to do with war politics success with the enemy then you’re looking at the male priests •Strong relationship with plants and trees •Ash tree is the sacred tree for the droids •Odom?? hangs himself upside down for 3 days until they allow him to learn the alphabet (do the magic?) •Rowan (plant) protect self from the fairy folk, today it’s used to protect from witch craft (doing the opposite of what it used to do) •Used to make you a better witch, now it protects against it Cauldron of Gundestrup •Dates to over a thousand years ago •Now it’s silver outside •The iron has rusted away •8 pictures around it on the outside, the original in Denmark only has 7 pictures •In Denmark •This is as close to a bible as we will get •Inside have major scenarios of ritual acts that were done Female •The earth is the mother, it’s fertility, but it’s also uncertainty •You know it’ll feed you The father of the tribe •He’s the perfect male •Skillful in everything •Able to do anything •Best provider, lover, protector Hag at/and? the crossroads •Has to do with that it’s not good enough to be a warrior, not good enough to be the best man you can be for man, but also have to be the best guy for women •There’s a knight in shining amour, after a battle, tired, hungry, wants to go home, gets to the crossroad (bridge over the water) there’s a woman there she’s washing her clothes (the hag) she says he looks fancy, i bet you can’t make me happy, she’s ugly in rags smells bad, he says hurry before i kill you, she asks for something to drink, and to be nice, gives her some wine, but she’s stil
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