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Religious Studies
Lucie Dufresne

•Test #3: Albertus Magnus Christian Europe Grimoire:Abook •Magical book •Journal •Diary •Prayer book •Things kept in your shadows were your dreams, it was a dream book •Neo-paegons: book for rituals etc. •There’s a kind that has to do with magic, and a kind that doesn’t •The ones that don’t have to do with magic are things now that we would can recipe books, equivalent to the blank pages of the bible that you’d put names, marriages, etc •And that you’d keep “grandma’s recipe” for this that and the other: recipe for cough, food, etc. •These non-magical grimoirs were kept by RICH women •Non-Magical books: •Because only women of wealth (bourgeoisie/upper-class) would have the education necessary to read and write •There are more men than women that read a write but the majority of them are monks •But of the lay people there are more women than men that write. They’re daughters of knights, or crafts people (important weavers, blacksmiths, bankers) •Jewish women and arab women will know how to read and write, but Christian women for the most part would not •That is because somebody had to stay home and stay in charge of things (that would be the women) •This is 12th Century to the 15th century (the middle of the middle ages) •These women are keeping the books, family histories, in charge of the recipes that’re specific to their area, they don’t cook, but they keep the recipes, but they’re the ones who buy the herbs and spices, that are also used medicinally •Almost all women knew how to make beer, poor or rich, because their water was highly polluted because animals roamed everywhere, so a local stream was a local dump, so the water was undrinkable, unless you had a well. So in order to purify it you had to boil it (to make beer) •So all women knew how to make beer, not always good beer though •Most women knew how to use herbs. They knew how to prepare ointments, you learned to do it cause you had to •Doctors didn’t exist at this time •And when Dr. existed they were too expensive •You went to healing: your mother, or someone of experience (old hedge-wife) •These are the recipes that are in the non-magical books •We have a few of them in museums •Monks like Albertus magnus •If you get sick, get a women to take care of you rather than a man because women wash their hands (albertus magnus was the first to say that) •Magical Grimoire books •They start to appear in great numbers after the invention of the printing press •After gruitenburg?? •At that point they are desirable little booklets that people would love to buy (and are bought in huge quantities) •Farmers almanac: which tell you the phases of the moon •You have the usual weather for each day of the year - You would also have the phases of the other planets •And how those effect animals and plants •But then you would have sections on: How to interpret the moles on your body (where is this mole, what size is it, is it near others, it’s like reading terrot cards •There is always divination of some kind •The powers of X, Y, Z •And the categories would be plant, animal, minerals, and the stars •So this is where we get the ideas that if you wear amethyst you’d be sober?? •It’s purple, by sympathy of the colour it’ll purify the wine •“The magical properties of ___” •Doctrine of signatures**** •It says that everything that exists bares the signature of the powers it contains •So ex. mother is having troubles producing milk for her baby, so she may put white stone in her mouth to suck on to produce milk, the white stone helps produce milk in her mouth and therefore produce milk in her breast •But with plants you have things like pulmonary: rod oval leave, it’s green has splotchy leaves, looks like a lung and since it’s “pulmonary” it should be good for the lung and also looks like one. Allows lungs to get bigger and able to breathe easier. So it actually does work •But some of these things are nemonic •2nd thing have to read about Albertus Magnus: •Attributed things to his teacher as a way to make himself look good?? •You do still have magical Grimoire’s •Rituals, recipes for inscents, recipes for spells, really.. how to be a magician •Grimoire •The witches are accused of using Grimoire, having magical books, it is impossible.. because these women could not read and write •Witches Grimoire do not exist until the 20th C and neo-pagans Albertus magnus text •The very 1st paragraph will answer things like: who, what, where, when, how 5W’s •Often you don’t have to go further than the 1st paragraph.. here you’d have to read the whole thing •What does his name mean?: Albert the great •What was he recruited into?: Dominican •University: Paris, 1st non-french person to teach at university of paris •What did he teach?: Patron saint of natural science (biology, botany, etc.) Albertus magnus: •Plato said that all the tangible things around us are just an approximation of the real world..... •God is the only reality, everything else is just an approximation •That way if we don’t know we just put it in the hands of god •Plato: You will come to the solution of a problem by thinking about it, it’s always philosophical, the answer is always the idea... •For some reason Albertus was the first to say NO to this •Aquinus is accused of a _____ •Concrete reality and your experience with it, you can count on and you know about it •Albertus: Authority (whoever said this before) is not sufficient to prove anything. What is is experience and experiment •He is the very first person to work out what is still scientific inquiry, and for that he is amazing •Totally scientific in his magic •He brings in experience and experimentation •Doesn’t want hearsay, wants tangible data •Wants it to be repeatable, and if it isn’t wants to know why •He also had his problems: chased out of the university of Paris, but they were very happy to have him back in Germany •Big difference between french and english magic •Still today in France you can get a doctorate in Asoteric?? knowledge •It is OK in France to speculate about magic, it is NOT ok in Britain to do so •With the Grimoire (translated in 1801 by Barret) the emphasis in Britain was: how do we become a magician, and a good one •In France they want to know WHY does it work, doesn’t want to try it •France: know why it works (magic) •Britain: know how to do it (magic) •In Britain you have to renounce the church to do magic •The crusades were inquisitions (well the beginning) •They were trying to get the holy land back from heretics (christians) •“ We have to get rid of those people’s dominance over Christ” •A doctrine developed that has to do with the body of Christ: ecclesia (has to do with the body of christ •Everyone of us we are a cell in the body of the church •And if the body is sick, it is because some part of it is sick •Now the body of Christ includes nature (includes all of creation) •The Ice Age, the Wars, The Plague, Flu that came with the crusaders (that were not in Europe before) •The question became: why is this happening •And the answer was because the body of Christ was sick •And people would start to look around to the people among them and see who is the “infection” •And unfortunately everyone and anyone who was slightly different would be singled out as not conforming •Somebody that has brown eyes, green eyes •Born with a limb missing, or malformed •“ Who did you mother sleep with, the devil?” •Now strangers maybe bring disease, maybe it’s their fault (that’s in the folk belief, that’s the general fear) •If you weren’t born there, they you’re a “stranger” you don’t belong, but your kids do because they were born there •Once this “folk believe” isn’t sufficient to get rid of illness, they looked to something else •Become political scapegoats •It’ll beco
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