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Religious Studies
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Lucie Dufresne

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SRS NOV 30 – On magic as a scientific phenomena – what we've seen so far as a gift from the gods, or a power given by the devil, we will now see as a normal and natural faculty of the human body (reiki, esp, touch healing,) – everywhere in the world, people talk to animals, to the dead, the ghosts, to the unborn, and hear them and are understood everywhere people talk to plants or the weather. These are human possibilities everywhere in the world. They are not always seen as good. – With the ever day western quasi-scientific attitude to these potentialities. – As a folk belief, they’re seen as positive.As official, they are not. – There is a long history in the west of recognizing people who can do these things. – The belief is there, everywhere. – Jump to the conclusion of one part that we have done – at one point she talked about how we were going to look at 3 different kinds of world view – 1, deist – based on the divine. – Diest – divided into three. Bottom – nature. Middle – human. Top – supernatural. – Super means above nature, and in there you have god or the gods, and for the greater portion of our course we've been in the christian world, so there's been only one god, creator god, who is above and beyond creation. – Then, you have all those conscious entities that have no bodies. So angels, spirits (could include the dead), and demons. – Then, in the human world, you have humans. – And below them, you have animals, plants, and minerals.And notice that as you go up, you become more spirit, and as you go down you become more matter. – With humans having both spirit and matter. – Now animals and plants are animated – they're alive, but in the scheme, they're not perceived as having souls. – And plants, because they don't move around, are less like humans than animals are. – Minerals are the least alive – they're not alive at all. – The deist universe is important to us when we think about magic because (something, check thing 8m). in this, god created himself – things in his image. – Spirit = +, nature = -, human = neutral. – It is a world in which everything is contained. There is nothing outside of this world. It absolutely contains everything. – In a way you can say everything that surpasses the human is supernatural.And everything which is less than human, is natural. But notice that in this conception of the world, the human is not part of nature either. And notice that angels, spirits, and demons are by definition greater than human. – So notice the attraction of a system that would allow you to command not just nature but something that allows you to command the supernatural.And you cannot command the god, but you can command the angels, the demons, and the spirits that's what classical ceremonial magic has been. – In a fumy way, so long as you're not talking to demons is OK. – The only time it's OK to command demons, is when you're performing an exorcism. If you let the demon in, you're a demonic witch. – If you let a spirit in, a good spirit, a saint, if the saint speaks through you, or if an angel speaks to you or through you, it's okay. But – you’re going to have to prove that it's an angel or a good spirit, cause the speaking through you is always going to be countered with who the hell do you think you are for this to happen? – It's a system that invites you to learn how to surpass yourself, gives you all the mechanisms by which to do it, but punches you if you do. – As the inqui. Showed us, the oldest commandment is, you must obey. In the words o the inqui, you must obey the church as it is the word of god. – This is true of all dictatorship, and all censorship systems. – Like all systems, the christian church went through phases. – Today, it's in a phase where most people consider it irrelevant. It's essentially powerless for most people, and they forget that their legal systems are still based on the christian system. – The humans exist in the system, since god created them in his image, and lets them order nature around – the base of our exploitation of nature. – We are now leaving this world view, in both the positive and negative form. (neg equals the inqu) – the Renaissance brings us to hey maybe humans are part of nature. – 17 minutes in – maybe mathematics can't explain everything. Still being plato-ist about this. – (distracted here, so listen to recording and transcribe.) – what you look for changes what you see -- a belief system is like glasses, changes what you see. Makes some things visible, and other things invisible. – We are in the second world view, which is materialist. – And it has a very defined box called nature – and humans are in there somewhere. – So humans in the material world participate in everything which is good, in the sense that it is real. Good here = real. And therefore positive.Anything that cannot be found in nature is unreal/negative. Somewhere around the box that contains nature. – So where do you put god? God is nothing but an electrical blimp in the brain, a weakness in some people's psychology. (he's outside of the box) – forgetting that a full an complete belief in science is as much of a belief as everything else. Rules, rallies the community, has a relationship to others.All the def of religion can be applied to science. – The moral good in the materialist system is within the proven box of nature. Here the moral good is not should i kill or not, but rather like is it real or not? Or is it just a lie, a fabrication, etc.? – So religion in this system will be put outside, as a false belief. – Humans are at the centre because they are the ones who will choose if something exists or not. – In deist, higher authority was the divine. In the materialist view, it's humans. Experts, doctorates, etc. – They define reality. – We are going towards that in our story. She'll give us the last one. – We don't stay here for very long, for a very good reason – too much of human experience is unprovable. She said we're all a soup of chemicals, all of us have electro magnetic etc. It means that our emotions, our memories, our hopes our dreams our loves, are also just electro magnetic and biochemical – does it mean that if she can induce an emotion in us, does that invalidate our emotions etc.? Some people say yes – some people say strictly, yes. – 27minutes. – As if you were only looking at the world through a microscope – how much you don't see cause etc. Human elements outside the nature box because they're unprovable. – This really starts happening in the ren/Galileo/14 century. – 33 minutes. – Science and religion answer different question. S – what where when how. It cannot answer why. It cannot make moral decisions. Can't give you a moral compass. Religion is all about moral choice. It can't tell you anything abut how nature works except to tell you something behind it, like why it works that way it gives you a moral compass for why you should act to way you should. – 38 minutes – we see there two systems are war. The scientific one and the moral one. Where do you put yourself? Where do you put yourself as a husband? Where do you put yourself as a woman? – Number three holistic – from whole, everything. – It's a different set of glasses, a different lens to look at everything. – It says that humans are the middle box of three. – (like three around each other.) – the outside box is permeable, it's more like a net defined by what we know. The outside box is nature – everything humans experience, the tangible and intangible – DeCartes -- “i think, therefore i am”. – Terrible bu absolutely true – there is no way, none, to be sure that the person beside you actually knows what it is you're talking about. Worse, there is no way that you can prove that the person you think is beside you is actually there. Your brain can't make the difference between a memory, a realtime experience, a visualization, and a fantasy. Worse, your body responds to what your brain believes. – The conversation you have yourself, that actually happened 10y ago, your body responds. Or a practise convo, your body also responds. – You can not tell except by the response you get from your environment. If the response confirms your belief, or dis confirms, you therefore know you exist, because you've had response. – Otherwise, there is nothing for your brain to grab a hold of and say, “I’m still alive.” – 57M – Where would you put humans? Humans are the interface between their external experience, and their internal experience. (they're the second box in.) – the divine is on the inside box. Religion is the inside – spiritual, non tangible, personal, moral, etc. But it's still inside the body. The seat of emotions for Moroccans is the liver. For the Egyptians it was all in the brain. for us it's the heart. – The divine is inside, why? Because in this, the divine is within nature because it's within humans. This says that we can't know the divine, we can only know our relationship with it. We won't find it in the church, but how we feel when we're in the church. – It puts the idea of choice/free will right in the middle of this. – It's very gnostic, because nothing is excluded. – And what it means is that the divine, what you can call soul or spirit, is an integral part of humans, and humans are an integral part of nature. In a feedback loops. One cannot be without the other. – Basically, this is where we all today – trying to reconcile the last two. 103. – notice that in the first, you are told what to do. In the second, you are often told what to do. In fact, people who want to die are told they can't because the doctor can keep them alive a little long, or because there's oil in the oil sands, we should exploit them and send them to the Chinese, to make a little money. – The conclusion being we went from deist, to materialist, to holistic. Holistic is the basis of new medial relationship with patients, new religious real between believer and believed, and a new type of psychology which invites people to dream. – She says that we've all been hypnotized when we were lost in a book, a piece of music, or a movie. Or driving home and didn't remember how we got there. – To be hypnotized is to have, in part, your sense of time, your sense of the here and now, and your sense of the limits of yourself blurred by external stimulus. – This can happen to you spontaneously. – If you're watching water rippling, listening to the sound of the winds and the leaves. Listen to a repeating sound, anything, and it's not grating on your nerves, it's likely it's put you to sleep – turns into a sonic driver. It hypnotizes you. – Suggestion, which is influencing someone elses behaviour by proposing to them a specific way of acting or thinking which will make them act the way to want them to. – Also, autosuggestion, as in you can do it to yourself. – Trans personal psychology, – If Albertus magnusmagnus is a moment where science came back, franz is the point where secular psychology started. – If albertus magnus is a moment where science came back, franz In the formation on Quebec and France and Salem and england.h animal magnetism. Others called it mesmerism, and it ev
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